Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Anime Review: Vandread

Hi guys, do you ever watch anime?? Not all people is Otaku right..hehehe..

Ever watch Vandread?? Let me tell you about it okay..

Vandread is a Japanese anime series directed by Takeshi Mori and created by Gonzo and Media Factory Animation Studios. Vandread presents a mix of comedy ranging from slapstick humor to subtle humor. It also utilizes well-animated characters and cleanly rendered CG action sequences.
This anime is about the male and female being enemy, the war with each other.

The character are:

  • Dita Liebely
    The female protagonist. She is romantically involved with Hibiki.
  • Misty Cornwell
    She is rescued from a space capsule in deep sleep by the crew at the beginning of the second season of Vandread.
  • Meia Gisborn
    At first, she has the behavior of an Amazon. As squadron commander, she leads the other Dreads in battle.
  • Jura Basil Elden
    The secondary leader of the Dread fighting force, although she is inexperienced.
  • Barnette Orangello
    She is one of the Dread pilot co-leaders under Meia's command, and a collector of 20th century firearms, such as the M4A1, Uzi, SIG552,SPAS-12, P226, and the Steyr
  • Gascogne Rheingau
    She runs the Nirvana's Registry system, and is responsible for supplying the Dread fighters with all of their weapons.
  • Buzam A. Calessa "BC"
    The commander of the Nirvana.
  • Parfet Balblair
    The ship's chief engineer.
  • Paiway Underberg
    The ship nurse under Duelo.
  • Magno Vivan
    The captain of the pirates; everyone addresses her as 'Boss'. She is one of the members of the original Colonists.
  • Ezra Vieil
    Part of the bridge crew of the Nirvana. She has a daughter named Kahlua.
  • Hibiki Tokai
    The male protagonist. A third-class citizen of Taraak that gets thrown into the mess with Duelo and Bart. His real aim is to prove his manhood by stealing a Vanguard. But around the time he did that, the pirates attacked, and the rest is history.
  • Duelo McFile
    The ship doctor for the Nirvana. They say he submitted his application form blank during recruitment.
  • Bart Garsus
    A first-class citizen from Taraak. He is initially weak and ends up becoming the helmsman of the Nirvana.
This anime is awesome you should watch it okay.. Lot of sense humor among the crew member

I give rating 8.5/10

Tune in again....

Monday, 30 August 2010

Game Review: Worms Reloaded

hi guys, today entry is about a game.. Do you people ever heard of worms game???

This game is very famous because of the craziness of the worms to destroy each other.. hehe.. Thanks to the developer Team 17 to create another series of worms...

This is system requirement of the game..
System requirements


  • OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Processor: 1.25GHz AMD Athlon or Intel equivalent
  • Memory: 1GB
  • Graphics: 128MB Video Card (GeForce4 or equivalent card)
  • DirectX®: DirectX® 9 or above
  • Hard Drive: 2063MB
  • Sound: DirectX® 9.0c-compliant sound card
This is the screen shot of the game.. Enjoy it..

Let get to war people with worms game.. I give this worms rating 8/10.. So catchy.. yeah..

Tune in again for the next review.. chiao

Monday, 23 August 2010

Tip-tip untuk membakar kalori

Ini adalah merupakan jumlah kalori yang dibakar mengikut aktiviti yang dilakukan bagi mereka yang mempunyai berat antar 68 hingga 70 kg. Yang lain-lain pun blh je aplikasi.
1. menonton tv = 40 kalori
2. berjalan pantas = 300 kalori
3. mengemas rumah = 240 kalori
4. berkebun (menyiram pokok dan membersih halaman) = 250 kalori
5. berkebun (menanam tumbuhan ) = 320 kalori
6. berbasikal statik =380 kalori
7. aerobik = 405 kalori
8. ping pong = 280 kalori
9. berlari di atastreadmill (40 min) = 500 kalori
10. tidur = 55 kalori
11. menjahit = 85 kalori
12. makan = 85 kalori
13. melakukan sulaman = 85 kalori
14. duduk di kerusi = 85 kalori
15. berdiri = 100 kalori
16. memandu = 110 kalori
17. melakukan kerja pejabat = 140 kalori
18. melakukan kerja rumah = 160 kalori
19. bermain golf (dengan buggy) = 180 kalori
20. bermain golf (tanpa buggy) = 240 kalori
21. menari tarian ballroom = 260 kalori
22. aerobik air = 400 kalori
23. berenang (kelajuan maksima) = 500 kalori
24. berjalan kaki dengan kelajuan sederhana = 280 kalori
25. meluncur ais = 500 kalori
26. berbaikal di taman = 450 kalori
27. berjoging = 500 kalori
28. mendaki = 500 kalori ++
29. aerobik (step aerobik) = 550 kalori +++
30. mengayuh kenu = 550 kalori
31. lompat tali = 700 kalori
32.kickboxing = 240 kalori
33.berlari laju = 700 kalori
34. berkuda = 428 kalori
35yoga = 500 kalori
36. badminton = 760 kalori
37. naik turun tangga(3 km sejam)= 800 kalori
38. menari hip hop = 500 kalori

Jom kita membakar kalori untuk menjalani kehidupan yang sihat..

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Upcoming Movie:Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part I

Hello semua... Ak nak cerita skit pasal movie Harry Potter nie.. Cerita ni menarik peminat dengan pelbagai aksi-aksi magic...

Ok lah tanpa membuang masa.. Inilah sinopsis cerita Harry Potter yang baru.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are fugitives from the law when the Death Eaters have taken over the Ministry of Magic and there is a 10,000 galleon price for anyone who turns in Harry to the Death Eaters so Voldemort can kill him.

The Dark Lord told all Death Eaters not to kill Harry because he wants Harry for himself.

Harry doesn't know what the horcruxes look like, where they are, and he doesn't have any means of destroying them. While Harry is on this quest, he keeps having little glimpses into Voldemorts mind and he sees that The Dark Lord is also on a quest, but Voldemort's quest is to find a wand that Harry has never heard of, and when Harry investigates this a bit, his leads take him to a mysterious story about "The Deathly Hallows".

So, while Harry is looking for the Horcruxes and learning more about "The Deathly Hallows", he finds himself in more danger that he's ever been in before. And when danger calls, people die... and in the last thriller of the Harry Potter series, fight breaks out and a lot of people die, and you will be in tears during every minute of this movie only to be in even more tears when it's over.

Jom Semua kita pergi tonton cerita ini pada 18 November 2010..

Keep in touch again... See ya...