Saturday, 30 October 2010

Celcom BlackBerry Torch Press Conference at La Bodega

.La Bodega Pavilion KL.

.Jstna at Registration Counter.

.Foods are superb! I love the Pizza!

.Group photo with fella Nuffnang Blogger.

Friday, 29 October 2010

GPlusMy Open Meeting, Campus Tour at Taylor's University and Fly Kites with Churpers!


This is an update for my blog. I didn't have much time to updating my blog XD
So i decide to compile this one day event! Anddd... borrowing picture from my dear Yay! (16 Oct 2010 =.=")
Firstly Nuffnang GPlusMy Open Meeting. It was held at Taylor's University! Damn huge!

Finish the open meeting, we had Campus Tour. :D

Lastly fly my kites with Churpers! But my eagle kites already broken.. Hukhukhuk.. ;(
Borrow rabiatul and mohdzaid kites! yay!

Thank you Nuffnang, Churp Churp and GPlusMy for the greatest event!

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Movie Review: Altitude

hi guys,

yesterday got a ticket for movie Altitude..WOW

Do you people ever have of afraid of high?? Well this story is about a pane got caught out with some kind of storm.. hrmm..

This story take place in a plane, starting with fun, then turn out into a nightmare after the elevator of the plane jammed. One of their friend go out the plane to adjust the elevator.. Wow so heroic but in the end he die because of some monster grab him.. All people starting regret and freaked out..

Turn out one of the passenger name Bruce imagination is make all the storm and the monster.. Unbelievable man..

After all the movie is very attentive. Nice to watch i give rating about 5/10

Monday, 18 October 2010


What is "Belanga"?

Nobody seem to wonder what are those right.. The term of "Belanga" is a pot.. But i'm make this entry not to tell you about the pot. But to tell about a restaurant name Belanga.

The restaurant main cuisine are based from kelantan dishes.. There is many delicious malay food serve at Belanga restaurant. Below are photo i'm borrow from feeqsay network..

If you interested please visit at:

Belanga Cafe,
Empire Shopping Gallery,
Jalan SS 16/1,
47500 Sunbang Jaya

Final Exam

hi you guys,

This time i'm just want to blabber about the semester that will come to an end soon... This time of week very tiring for me. fuhh.. So many assignment and project that need to be complete..

As for your information i'm already at semester 7. After this two week it will become for my battle ground.. Prepare for Final Exam.. Aarrgh so scared...hehhehe. Are you ready to kill those question??? I wonder.... hehehe..

So whoever is out there is a student or part time student prepared for your final okay and do best for grade.. Good luck for all..YEAH we can do it..

Thursday, 7 October 2010

You Again?

Hello all,

Today i'm want to tell a story of my childhood friend, he is very dear friend of mine.

We almost together and he is nice person until we all start middle school. He started to change, all began when he friend with some gangster at school. They start ditching class and make ruckus at school.

He started to terrorize everybody including me, he make my life so miserable. Felt shame about him, i'm change another school.

About a year later, he also enter the same school. Oh my god.. I saw him and he make me think about the past. Then he started to kept tagging around me. Until now he seem enjoyed for make my life miserable..

For whoever I mention about this. You cannot take people as your toy ok.. Be friendly to all person.