Saturday, 22 January 2011

Challenge in Digi Done Right Camp

Hello people... How is your energy today????

I hope today is your grrreat day :)...

First of all i'm really sorry for delay so this post.. It my fault.. sorry guys, i'm just lost my voice a couple of days but it really worth it..:)

Well i'm attend to the Digi Done Right Camp at last Saturday and Sunday with Nuffnang Company.. Thank you nuffies, supporters and Digi..:)

First of let me introduce myself..:)

Hello my name is Saiful Naim, i'm currently study at UniKL(IPROM) in Bachelor in Enggineering in Tool And Die.. I'm at the end of my journey as a student... Just for info though..hehehe...
Second i'm introduce the superlicious blogger team..

This is my team.. There are Mimi, Kifli, Am, Nikel (not in picture) and saiful naim(me):)

I'm introduce our neighbour the yellow blogger team..

Next, there the Dynamite team..

Lord of speed is our left neighbour..

But not least super dynamite team..

Let me introduce the man who open our hidden talents.. Mr. U2 Kumar..

Sorry sir about that picture. my hand is shaking cold..huhu...=.="

This is the exact picture of U2.Kumar..yay..:)

Let me tell you about my experience at digi done right camp.. At first, i'm really don't know what have digi and nuffies do at the camp.. A little bit shock when there a seminar.. Wah this is nightmare for me..hehehe.. I've a bad experience before..ngee..:D

For the last 2 days, this camp taught me a lot of things, how to be a big heart person, passion, challenge, and energy. .

U2. Kumar give us a first challenge to do a war cry. This is our war cry "SUPER DIGI BLOGGER!!! INTERNET!!! DONE!!! RIGHT!!!" CHALLENGE!!! Check it out this video :)

This task is given to us to collect more points up to 3 GB (minimum) for graduating from this camp.. At first i feel that really difficult.. Ooops sorry..hehehe..challenge!!!!!..

Next, U2. Kumar explain to us that people mind can be easily influence to other people for 8 second WOW... We been brainwashed by U2 kumar by the demo by using the name of BUSU.. Everybody keep yelling BUSU BUSU BUSU, then he ask a question "cow drink what??" U know at fisrt all of us answer "SUSU SUSU SUSU"... Hahaha.. Felt stupid though but it reality... If you don't believe it try it to your friend..:)

Then we had given a task to do a skit about good and bad about the internet.. Our group had a little idea of do some acting upon the point of the tittle...hahaha..

I'm really enjoying other people skit as well, nice to be around creative people so that we can be work hard to make creative also... There no recording during this skit..huhuhuhu.. So sad..:(

Owh i'm almost forget to tell you fellas about the assignment "call your loved one and say thank you to them".. This is hard for me to share it to others... But then is you want things to change, you must change first.. I'm the first share it... dub-dub my heart racing fast..hehehhehe...

My biggest impact from this camp is when share with other campers about the feeling after call our loved one. I’m calling my dad and he accepts it. Then he ask me “duit tak cukup ke” , I’m feel that dush in my heart, I tell him that I want to thanks to him then my dad stay silent, after that he pass the phone to my mom.. My mom ask me why calling?? I tell her that I’m just asking for their health because my dad and my mom not being well.. So worried about them, then I say the word thank you to them and my mom really happy hear those words. She told me to study well and graduate well..

For me, I feel that my father support me with my studies. Thank you dad I’m really appreciate it, for my mom, she always give courage to me, love me and always there for all the time.. Thank you mom..

This is the first time i'm sharing my feeling to others people.. Thank you Mr. U2. Kumar for show me the light in the shadow of my mind..

At there we trained to be extraordinary (XO).. Heart to heart is the biggest challenge to me.This is where we find true friends and all of them is my friends. I'm sorry you guys not knowing you all at earlier.. You guys are awesome and i support all of you!!!

That is a little bit of my experience there at digi done right camp..

So thank you digi, nuffnang and U2. Kumar. So let view our graduate photos

To improve our communication we need the 4 arrows of power communication

 Strategy
 High Energy
 Intensity of EYE Energy
 Transfer of Feelings

So let raise our standard guys... I'm feel more alive after tending this camp..

I'm proud of my team members, kifli, am the team leader, nikel, mimi and including me.. Thanks a lot guys... Hope keep in touch again..:)

THANK YOU VERY MUCH..I'm feel confidence again in my life... Let enjoys this video shall we.. Borrow from Mr Prashan..


P/S: All the video is from Mr. Prashan..

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Digi Done Right Camp

Hello guys,

Malam nie nak share info pasal digi done right camp.. WOW!!!.. Saya dah rase impak dari kem ini walaupun baru beberapa jam.. Terutama ingin minta maaf dulu sebab tiada photo semasa seminar.. Tidak ade kamera.. huhuh. on the way nak beli..:)

Seminar ini menaikkan rase keyakinan untuk menjadi "Super Blogger".. Penceramah U2 Kumar memang best..Walaupun sampai lewat sempat jugak merasai "energy".. Memang seronok...

Untuk menjadi "Super Blogger" kite kene ingat ini "For Things to change We must change first".. Perkataan ni selalu bermain di fikiran semasa seminar tadi...

Strategi juga menjadi perkara penting untuk menjadi yang terbaik dan satu lagi adalah pattern behavior sama ada kita adalah Extra Ordinary(XO) atau Lousy.. Which one are you??

So kemana arah tujuan anda selepas ini menaikkan taraf diri sendiri???

A) Poor performance
B) Average Performance
C) Expected performance
D) Excellent Performance
E) Extra ordinary Performance

So mari lah kita ramai-ramai fikir untuk meningkatkan taraf kite.. "I Know You Can do Better"..

Stay tune untuk maklumat lanjut untuk Digi Done Right hari terakhir esok..:)