Monday, 4 January 2010

Practical : Latihan Industri

Today my first day!!! Like a school boy, going to school.. Hrmm.. I got practical at Bukit Beruntong, Selangor.. Well known company from Korea.. Thank god i got place and been selected from them.. On 6 am already wake up and after done daily prayer for Subuh, i must prepare my self and get ready for a new environment and works.. Before this im doing practical for Diploma, now for Degree.. Two different company but same machine.. Im thinking its gonna be hard day today.. They will bullied me!! OMG!! hehehe.. Its okay... Im already prepare an armour to protect me!! yeehaa!!

It will busy for this forth month.. Jan until April 2010.. Totally super duper busy.. Working with machine from 9am until 6pm.. Im very sure when im going back home, i will totally sleepy and tired.. Hehehe... I want to set my mind to sleep after Solat Isyak and wake up before Azan Subuh.. InsyaAllah..

Please wish me all the best for my practical.. Its hard for degree holder.. they will let my confidence level down and down.. Its okay, i will said deep in my hearth.. "Am i care about it?? I want success in my study, practical and my future life.." hehe..

Cant wait 2011.. Something unforgettable memory will come.. Wait..

I.R Engineer Wannabe :D,


  1. bro! gua arc yg sembang dengan lu tadi

  2. ARC : owh.. hehe.. maaf.. lambat plak reply.. =D