Sunday, 26 December 2010

Panic during travelling with motorcycle

Hello guys, i;m just want share you my experience travel with motorcycle.. Hurm,

On 25th December this year.. when i was smooth riding the bike suddenly my back tube explode, luckily i was manage to handle the bike.. wahh... it happend to me at the LPT highway.. so frustrated man..

There was jungle everywhere.. Not seen any bike around then one biker stop and told me that karak is only 22km away.. I told my self what the let give a shot and went to karak.. While pushing my motorcycle.. One generous people stop with Hilux.. Thank to Allah for listening to my prayer... They sent me to karak and nearest workshop.. So relieve man.. Thank you uncle and his son.. Thank you very much..

This is the first time it all happened to me, kind of teach me something value to me.. If someone who are in trouble we should help them out.. Don't be a jerk who drove just by..

Stay tune guys for the next entry.. Good Holidays everyone.. Cheers

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