Saturday, 16 April 2011

Scream 4

hello everybody....

it been too long not updating m blog... i'm sorry for the delay.. This semester is my final semester and the work just keep coming and coming until my desk full of job... stressful week..:)

this is about the movie Scream 4.. well thank to GSC and Nuffnang to give me the opportunity to watch it... Sorry for the lateness of reviewing this movie..hehhehehe..

Well as know it this movie is a horror movie that contains some gruesome killing of teenager college. It started on the day of the famous Sydney Prescott came back to her town..

Kind of interesting isn't it..huhuuh.. from my view this movie is lot better than previous one.. so many surprises, so many agenda hidden through the movie..

So i'm going to give this movie rate about 8.5/10... WOW..
It a good movie and for fan of horror movie yous should watch it...

see you guys again.. Enjoy this movie okay..:)

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