Sunday, 16 October 2011

Movie Review: Gantz Perfect Answer

Hello2.. I'm back after a long holiday..huhu..

Okay, let me get to the point. Have you guys watch gantz anime or the first live action??

If not you guys should watch it... so this movie is about a groups of dead people who is bring to life by a black ball known as Gantz to fighting alien on Earth.. This movie is prequel story, continue from the first movie about the main protagonist Kei Kurono determine to resurrect his friend.

So Kei struggle every mission to gain points, at the same time the alien took Kato form and started to hunt down every members related to Gantz.

For some time Gantz began depleted his battery and needed to replace by another member who is later Kei as Gantz.

Okay, what make this movie interesting to watch are plotting is really good, the character building very suitable, and it show the determine of mankinds become stronger when facing with annihilation.

Although this movie not really as the manga storyline but it really fun to watch..

For the fan of Gantz. You should watch it.. It one of a kind live action movie.

I give 6.8/10. Still enjoy it

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