Thursday, 7 October 2010

You Again?

Hello all,

Today i'm want to tell a story of my childhood friend, he is very dear friend of mine.

We almost together and he is nice person until we all start middle school. He started to change, all began when he friend with some gangster at school. They start ditching class and make ruckus at school.

He started to terrorize everybody including me, he make my life so miserable. Felt shame about him, i'm change another school.

About a year later, he also enter the same school. Oh my god.. I saw him and he make me think about the past. Then he started to kept tagging around me. Until now he seem enjoyed for make my life miserable..

For whoever I mention about this. You cannot take people as your toy ok.. Be friendly to all person.


  1. shit. ada gak org macam tu?

    good luck for this contest

  2. hmm..teruk betul..biarkan lah dia
    gud luck =)

  3. penaberkala: org cam 2 ramai sekarang so be carefull meh.. Gud luck 2 u 2 for the contest. sy dah dpt.

    MyraLove=): Thank you