Friday, 29 October 2010

GPlusMy Open Meeting, Campus Tour at Taylor's University and Fly Kites with Churpers!


This is an update for my blog. I didn't have much time to updating my blog XD
So i decide to compile this one day event! Anddd... borrowing picture from my dear Yay! (16 Oct 2010 =.=")
Firstly Nuffnang GPlusMy Open Meeting. It was held at Taylor's University! Damn huge!

Finish the open meeting, we had Campus Tour. :D

Lastly fly my kites with Churpers! But my eagle kites already broken.. Hukhukhuk.. ;(
Borrow rabiatul and mohdzaid kites! yay!

Thank you Nuffnang, Churp Churp and GPlusMy for the greatest event!

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