Friday, 4 March 2011

Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid Reviews

hello guys, This time i wanted to tell you guys about tune talk mobile prepaid..

Do you know that tune talk provide a cheapest mobile prepaid service in Malaysia?

Yeah that true, i'm just testing out the tunetalk mobile prepaid and it turn out great..
with tune talk you aotomactically get an option to change your number anytime, a free RM 100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance coverage underwritten by Etiqa also a super low flat rates nationwide to any number.

Unbelieveable right?? I already try the tune talk mobile prepaid and it true, really low rate. for call it take 16 cent/min to any number and 7 cent/sms to any number for domestic. Is it really covenient because many people using other telcos and you all have to pay really pricy rates right.. Oh, almost forgot, hehehe. Do you know that Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid data plan is charges 5 sen/mb...Cheap and easy to use..

There are benefit using this tune talk mobile prepaid, it easy just be loyal to tune talk and youu win a chance with free AirAsia E-gift voucher also earn tune talk point for AirAsia flight for every topup. BELIEVE IT!!..:)

Denominatins (RM)


RM 3


Rm 4


RM 5


RM 10


RM 30


RM 50


RM 100


RM 200


RM 300


If you have enough point you can look at redemption table. The table is huge so i'm just put the link for you guys.. Do click link below..:)

So hurry up get Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid and see the different for your self..:)

See you again for the next excitement..:)


  1. here one of ur picture :)

  2. feel this tune talk very cheap and nice to use..